Specifications Willem Jacob


Name: Willem Jacob
Built: 1889
Wharf: Wed C. Boele


Ship dimensions:

Length load lines: 26 meter
Length over all: 33 meter
Width: 5,85 meter
Draft: 0,95 meter
Displacement: 80 m3
Mast height: 25 meter
Ship height: 3,70 meter (mast flat on deck)
Daytrip guests: maximum 39 passengers
Receptions: 60 guests, 40 when seated dinner is served
Overnight: maximum 24 passengers



Toilets: 2
Showers: 1

6 head Boretti gas stove, electrical oven included.

2 sinks, ample kitchen space, dishes, pots, kitchen equipment all available

Power: Spread throughout ship sockets 230 Volts, European sockets.
Cabins: 1x 22 persons in communal room and 1 x 2 person cabin
Dayroom: Daytrips: 50 m2, When overnight provisions in place: ca. 30 m2



Mainsail: 160 m2
Headsail: 70 m2
Jib: 70 m2
Extra sails: Staysail, Water sail, Genoa


Technical facilities:

Motor: John Deere 6068 TM Built: 2009, 180 hp
Aggregate: Le Roy Somer, water-cooled and isolated 16 kva
Hydrofoor: Speck Hydrofoor
Heating: ACV diesel CV/boiler, supplemented with fireplace in dayroom
Water pump: 380 V on aggregate
Batteries: 600 Ah Traction series
Electrical system: 230 volts, European sockets permanently available.


Tank capacities:

Diesel: 2000 litres
Water: 1800 litres



Nederlandse Scheepvaart Inspectie: Certificate of compliance, sailing area 2, 3 and 4
EFM Rigging certificate
KMVK Green Key, Golden certificate
Federatie Oud Nederlandse Vaartuigen: Sailing Monument