Since I bought the ship I have put in a great effort to structurally improve the ship. The following list is what has been accomplished, however some information may already be outdated and overhauled again. During most of the projects I have had help from volunteers, from the "Willem Jacob crew" and every now and then from professionals:


  • Shortened the ship back to her original length
  • Realize new hatches
  • Initial Survey by NKIP, supervised by Dutch shipping inspection (Nederlandse Scheepvaart Inspectie)
  • Deckhouse transformation
  • Coating hull and deckhouse


  • Extensive sanding and varnishing of wooden elements on deck
  • Repairing rotten spots in mast
  • Replacement of halyards and stays
  • Rigging survey by NKIP
  • First certificate of compliance by Dutch shipping inspection (Nederlandse Scheepvaart Inspectie)
  • First time sailing
  • New headsail
  • New headsail beam
  • Placed third in Enkhuizer Klipperrace Driestedenrace (Regatta for clippers long track)


  • Extensive derusting and applying new paint
  • Deck and deckhouse painted
  • Numerous small improvements on rigging
  • Participation in regattas
  • New beam, including improvements in reefing system


  • First daytrip including guests
  • Second rigging survey and certificate of compliance
  • Overhauled winches
  • Establishment of corporate vision Willem Jacob for 2007 and future
  • Improvements on website Willem Jacob


  • New bottom from chines down
  • Removing old tar (used for preservation) and applying new 2-component paint system
  • New galley, complying to modern day requirements
  • New sanitary facilities
  • Conversion of cargo hold to passenger dayhold
  • New certificate of compliance, daytrips 39 passengers, overnight 25 persons
  • Renewed painting of deckhouse and aft


  • Renewed steal hatches
  • New floor in dayhold
  • Installed removable wall between dayhold and bunks
  • Isolation dayhold
  • Realization benches and fireplace dayhold


  • Relocation of engine room
  • New engine, John Deere
  • Adjustments on deckhouse
  • Restoration deckhouse and aft lowerdeck
  • Applying authentic wooden hatches over steel hatches


  • Renewing foredeck
  • Applying wooden hatches in front of mast
  • Restore mast deck in original state
  • New stander for mast
  • Finishing interior deckhouse and aft lower deck
  • New mast
  • removed double plating in hull
  • Entrance deckhands restored
  • Adjustments on propeller shaft


  • Interior dayhold and sleeping accommodation renewed


  • New paint system on deck and railing
  • New headsail beam

Actually, quite some improvements, adjustments and restoring. When I bought the ship I was 18 years old, I was relatively inexperienced. Nowadays I have learned to weld, paint, work with iron, technique, caught up on marketing, learn to deal with personnel, and so on. I can honestly say I have learned a lot! The most important function of the "Willem Jacob" for me is enjoying the process. There are many way to make a living and most will be a lot easier, but I enjoy life aboard and each and every time it is different again. Every adjustment, trip and experience is special for my guests, my crew and most of all for me. Not everything goes according to plan, not every trip, nor the maintenance, which makes me  even more motivated to go for the best option instead of the easiest options. Each and every time I am proved to be right that the best choice was made and it leads to many happy moments. My personal goal is to have as many people as possible to experience this unique project!



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