Extraordinary Ship

The Willem Jacob is a very special ship, she is a Dutch clipper built in 1889. The upper deck is restored in an authentical way suited well for energetic sailing. The mainhold is a comfortable and spacious place accommodated with a fireplace and a well equipped kitchen. This combination makes the ship an excellent choice for combining sport and leisure.

Willem Jacob has a restored main deck with authentical wooden hatches, the ship was originally built to sail cargo and she had exactly the same cargo hatches. This wooden main deck is almost flush and serves as a wonderful spot for laying down and enjoying the wind, sun and water when sailing along. At the aft deck there are additional benches at each side of the helm for a clear overview of the ship. Seated here you can enjoy the ship, the waters around you and the skipper can share his knowledge and experiences with you.

Because she is being restored in a completely authentical way and has a very original look because of the usage of wood, besides the deck the mast and beams are wooden as well, the ship is registered as a sailing monument. When sailing the Willem Jacob one would almost imagine being 130 years back in time.


Hele Schip