The interior of the Willem Jacob is a spacious and well lit accommodation. It has been designed by Welmoed Bogers. During winter 2010/2011 the interior has been expanded with an additional multifunctional space, which can be used as dormitory. However, without sleeping accomodations a mainhold can be realized of 50 square meters.


The former cargo hold is nowadays available for guests. With benches alongside, additional seatings and tables, meetings and diners with sufficient seating are possible, as well as gatherings or presentations. In case of smaller groups or wishes of multiple spaces there is a removable wall which divides the mainhold in 2 large rooms.


Along portside and starbord side comfortable and ergonomic benches are fixed. In front of the benches there are several several moveable tables and additional benches. The complete interior can be fixated when sailing. The maximum seating capacity in the dayhold is 40 guests. We have a comprehensive library in the dayhold, containing books on sailing and shipping. In the ceiling there are several large windows which allow daylight to enter abundantly and which provide a below deck view of the mast and sails. Amidst of the dayhold a fireplace is built, which offers a beautiful sight and comfort. The ship is heated with radiators during the day, but to conclude a great day of sailing, the fireplace is often lit afterwards.


At portside there is a spacious galley, providing a 6 head Boretti stove with an electrical oven. All kitchen supplies are aboard and stowed safe despite of any swell. There are two fridges, a double sink and there is ample working space in the kitchen. Summing up, everything for preparing delicious meals is in place.

Sanitary provisions

There are 2 toilets aboard, which function as any regular toilet. No additional taps, instructions or difficulties as one might expect aboard. One toilet is amidships and the other toilet is in front of the ship, both toilets have hand washing provisions near.


In the mainhold, trough a very ingenious partition system, there is a possibility to create sleeping space up to 22 bunk beds.  When catering is not required a 2-person cabin is available as well. This adds up to a total amount of 24 beds. For guests staying overnight, a shower is available.


For ideas and inspiration for the interior design Miss Bogers paid extra attention to the exterior. She was inspired by the sturdy looks of Willem Jacobs on the outside. From the inside the sheer line is very well visible, which is a beauty! The use of colours by the designer, white with accents of red and black, have led to a spacious, light and comfortable room. The basic interior and colours are well complemented by the ample daylight which floods the room.


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