Sailing Waddenzee

Sailing at the Waddenzee offers a lot of possibilities. Because it is tidal water, the area widely varies in depth, on one hand there are streams which are broad on which we can sail straight ahead. On the other hand there are many small and narrow streams in which we need to manoeuvre a lot because we otherwise will run aground. Which brings us to another beautiful option on the Waddenzee, which is exploring the tidal flats.

Besides the wide variety in sailing options this  Unesco World heritage area provides a broad spectrum of wildlife, seals are most common to see in the water and relaxing on the tidal flats but porpoises can be seen as well. Because of our wide experience in this sailing area and we have taken a course at Ecomare centre for Wadden and North sea about this wonderful area we can share our broad knowledge of the marine life with you.



At the Waddenzee there are several islands we can set sail for, most often we sail to Schiermonnikoog and Ameland. The former is a car-free island, it is the smallest habited Dutch island. The latter is a larger island with more shops and tourist but with a beautiful beach.

We offer several arrangements for sailing at the Waddenzee, varying in duration. The examples given are merely options, a trip can be modified, in consultation with us, to your preferences.