Sailing canals and lakes

Sailing the Dutch canals and lakes is a wonderful opportunity to see the Dutch country life whilst sailing. On the inner waters often the wind is less and the waves are smaller. The Lauwersmeer and Reitdiep are former estuaries, therefore the sailing often is more active because we have to manoeuvre through the curves an narrow waters of this scenery.

Afbeeldingen/Tochten/Varen over het Reitdiep.jpgCanals and lakes is a very broad concept, our main sailing area is, Lauwersmeer and Reitdiep as far as the inner waters (please contact us for other possibilities). When sailing across these former estuaries there are many beautiful sceneries to be discovered. Along the Reitdiep you sail past several villages and farms with wide fields, often you see a deer, rabbits and birds of prey. On the banks of the Lauwersmeer there are a couple of towns where we would stop on our way, or perhaps take a picnic lunch or BBQ to the islands in the lake. Around the Lauwersmeer there is lots of wildlife as well, cormorants fly around and since a couple of years there are two sea eagles who nested on one of the banks.

We have made an example of both sceneries for you, however these example are merely options. Trips can be, in consultation with us, modified to your preferences.