Exploring the tidal flats

Afbeeldingen/Tochten/Willem Jacob Droogvallen.jpgThe bottom of Willem Jacob is flat, this is a typical Dutch inner water feature of the clipper. Its flat bottom allows the ship to intentionally strand when the ebb-tide is running. Twice a day it is high water on the Waddenzee, with a bit of calculation the skipper is able to pick a beautiful spot, he will 'park' the ship or in other words run aground. During the next hour or so the ebb-tide will have taken away most of the water and the tidal flats start to show. As soon as possible you can descend and walk over the bottom of the sea.

Walk around the ship and find out what marine life we have.


During the ebb-tide you can easily wander around the tidal flats, however the water will rise again with the running flood-tide. With the flood-tide the ship will refloat and we can set sail again. The time you have to spend on the tidal flat is depending on height of tide and geographical specifics.

Would you like to experience this unique opportunity? Please contact us, our skipper  is familiar with the tides and he will be able to inform you about suitable dates and times.