Afbeeldingen/Tochten/Kaart en getijdenboek.jpgWillem Jacob has a wide sailing area, it is possible to sail in Groningen and Friesland. The port of departure and duration of the trip can be chosen according to your preferences.

In consideration of your wishes we can advise you on the possibilities. When you board the ship in the port of your choice, the final details will be talked over and, depending on present weather conditions, the best option will be chosen.

Port of departure                  

Sailing area

Groningen Reitdiep, Winschoterdiep or Eemskanaal
Lauwersoog Waddenzee (possibility to visit Schiermonnikoog) or Lauwersmeer
Zoutkamp Lauwersmeer or Reitdiep
Schiermonnikoog Waddenzee
Holwerd/Nes (Ameland) Waddenzee
Eemshaven Eems (possibility to visit Borkum)
Delfzijl Eems, Dollard or Ems





Reitdiep, Winschoterdiep or Eemskanaal

Different port?

Please ask us! Almost everything is possible. 




Families, friends, companies with partners or employees, children, elderly people, handicapped people (some improvising and joined efforts can do a lot) all sailed along. We go to great lengths to make this experience available for everybody. We appreciate if people help us sail the ship, however it is not a must and we can sail Willem Jacob with small numbers of crew. If you prefer watching, photographing the beautiful scenery, help in the kitchen or learn everything the skipper and mate have to say, it is all possible. Have you got any more suggestions? Just ask us and we will try to make it possible!