Prices catering excluded

It is possible to rent the ship without any catering for a fixed price. This price includes ship rental, sailing crew and cleaning. Bedding is included if the ship is rented for multiple days.

4 hours arrangement

Ends before noon or starts after 6pm

€ 850

5 hours arrangement

€ 1250

7 hours arrangement

€ 1450

10 hours arrangement

€ 1650

Short weekend

€ 1850
Friday 8pm until Saturday 5 pm or Saturday 8 pm until Sunday 5pm  


€ 2500
Friday 8pm until Sunday 5pm  

Short week

€ 4200
Monday 10am until Friday 5pm or Sunday 8pm until Friday 08.30am  


€ 5500
Friday 8pm until Sunday 5 pm  

During daytrips we can accommodate up to a maximum of 39 guests. On longer trips we can accommodate up to a maximum of 24 guests. Prices mentioned are valid for departure ports Groningen, Zoutkamp, Lauwersoog, Oostmahorn, Schiermonnikoog and Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen.

For different ports of departure we charge ship transportation costs:

Ship transportation to Dokkum + €100,-

Ship transportation to Delfzijl, Eemshaven, Harlingen, Grou, Sneek, Leeuwarden and Ameland

+ €350,-