Picnic Catering

For picnic catering we will provide for everything just as the regular catering, however you will need to organize serving and the dishwashing amongst your team of sailors. We will provide you with an explanation for the finishing touch of the dishes and of course questions are welcome and helping a hand is possible as well. However, this is our self-service option.

Picnic lunch:

Coffee and tea upon arrival, served with typical Dutch delicacies.


  • Homemade soup of the season, served with baguette and butter,
  • Several kinds of bread with 'Boerenkaas' (farmhouse cheese) and ham.
  • Freshly baked rye bread with clove cheese,
  • Fresh fruit
  • milk, coffee and tea.

At the end of the day several snacks will be served, mixed nuts and other local delicacies such as cheese and sausages.

Picnic BBQ:

Our BBQ exists out of:

  • marinated beef steak
  • Spicy sate skewers with fresh rosemary
  • Beef sausages

Vegetarian options (please notify us in advance):

  • Skewer with marinated zucchini, mushrooms and red onion
  • Corn cobs
  • Vegetable burgers

Additional there will be several salads:

  • Seasonal mixed salad
  • Homemade potato salad with fresh herbs, spring onions and apple
  • Fresh fruit salad

As side dishes baguettes and butter will be served together with several sauces. The sauces are homemade spicy tomato-paprika and garlic sauce