Afbeeldingen/Tochten/Uitleg van de maat.jpgWhen you come aboard, there will be a cup of tea or coffee ready for you. As soon as everybody in on board there will be a brief instruction by the skipper about what to expect from a day aboard the Willem Jacob. After this briefing the ship will leave port and set sail.

If you enjoy sailing it is possible to help us, you are very welcome, Whenever you prefer watching from a sunny spot there are many places in the sun to relax and see the work being done. Down below we have a spacious dayhold with our kitchen where the cook is preparing lots of delicious food. You can choose for a trip without a cook as well.

Enjoying wind and water

Feel the ship accelerate and pitch at every gust of wind. Hear the ropes and sails do their work, let yourself be impressed by the force of the wind. Willem Jacob is a swift ship and every change in course, wind or rudder is directly noticeable. Whenever it is possible you can take the helm yourself and experience what it is like to sail a 80 tonnes sailing vessel. The direction we will set out is depending on the wind, depth of water, tidal currents and your own preferences.