Ports of departure Willem Jacob shown on smaller scale


The berth at Zoutkamp is at a quay know as "Korte hoofd" (short pier). This quay is at the north side of the dike and bridge in Zoutkamp and at the east side of the Reitdiep. For loading and unloading you can drive up to the ship, there is an opening in the dike. There is an obstruction in the road to keep unauthorized vehicles from the port, we can remove it for you upon arrival, please contact us at +31 50- 211 2573

Public transportation

Bus 65 to Zoutkamp departs from central train station Groningen and Winsum (which connects upon the trains from Groningen and saves you 15 minutes), this bus leaves once an hour. From the final bus stop to the ship is a 10 minutes' walk.


Parking space is provided at the ice rink (ijsbaan on the signs) in the east of Zoutkamp, signs will direct you. If you have parked the vehicle, take off at the parking lot and go left towards the village. After you crossed the first bridge stay at the side of the dike. After 300 metres you will find the cut-out in the dike, walk trough and you will see the ship. This is a 5 minute walk.

Navigation systems

As an address for your navigation you can give in: Intersection Hunsingoweg with Sluisweg. Users of Tom Tom navigation can use the button below.