Groningen, Oosterhaven

Ports of departure Willem Jacob show on smaller scale


The berth of the Willem Jacob is at the south side of the Oosterhaven, right behind the triangular shaped "Rabobank" building. You can recognise us by the large wooden mast, a black hull and a wooden deckhouse. Whenever you have troubles finding the ship, please contact us at +31 50- 211 2573

Public transportation

Ample busses head for our berth departing from the central train station in Groningen. Buses 9, 73, 76, 78, 140, 178 all hold at the bus stop "Barkmolenstraat", which is closes to the Willem Jacob


The best parking spot is at Eemskanaal Noordzijde, follow the water and free parking sign will show.

Navigation systems

As an address for your navigation you can give in: Oosterhaven 10, Groningen, 9723 AP. Users of Tom Tom navigation can use the button below.