Ports of departure Willem Jacob shown on smaller scale


The berth of the Willem Jacob is at the jetty in the "Emmahaven". Very well recognisable as a sailing vessel between the fishing vessels, tugs and large seagoing ships. Most times Willem Jacob is the only sailing vessel in the port, therefore we are easy to find. You can recognise us by the large wooden mast, a black hull and a wooden deckhouse. Whenever you have troubles finding the ship, please contact us at +31 50- 211 2573


The best parking is right behind the dike. From the parking to the port there is a path over the dike, as soon as you are on the seaside of the dike you will probably see the Willem Jacob and the route through the port and over the jetty will show.

Public transportation

The best option for public transportation to Eemshaven is by train and taxi. The train will take you to Roodeschool, from where you will take the taxi. This taxi (service by public transportation) needs to be booked an hour in advance. The booking is by phone +31900-0911, and the telephonist will ask you for some information:

1. Which journey would you like to book:

From train station Roodeschool to the Borkumweg at Eemshaven

2. Which train you will arrive at Roodeschool

3. Number of persons you would like to book for

When you book your journey it is possible to book the journey back at the same time. You need to indicate which train you would like to catch back and the operator will tell you at what hour the taxi will be at the port. Please make sure you have ample time, every now and then the sailing takes a little longer and the taxi could come early. Tip: Give your cell number to the operator in case the taxi driver cannot find the port.

Navigation systems

As an address for navigation systems: Intersection Juttersweg and Schildweg, Eemshaven, 9979 XR.