Ports of departure Willem Jacob show on smaller scale



The berth of the Willem Jacob is at the west side of the seaport, a jetty surrounding the marina. Locally the jetty is known as "Urker" jetty, because a large amount of Urker fishermen moor at this jetty during the weekends. Usually this jetty provides berths for cargo ships, tugs and other large seagoing vessels, most of the times Willem Jacob is the only sailing vessel in the port, therefore we are easy to find. You can recognise us by the large wooden mast, a black hull and a wooden deckhouse. Whenever you have troubles finding the ship, please contact us at +31 50- 211 2573

Public transportation

The jetty is a 15 minute walk from Delfzijl train station.


The best parking spot is at the entrance of the jetty, this parking is free and there is ample space.

Navigation systems

As an address for your navigation you can use: Handelskade west 12-16 Delfzijl, 9934 AA. Users of Tom Tom navigation can use the button below.