The crew aboard the Willem Jacob is an enthusiastic and hospitable. Our goal is an enjoyable and safe trip for everybody and are happy to share our knowledge and experiences with you.

The crew list you will find below is incomplete, we have a very large crew. There are lots more enthusiastic friends of the Willem Jacob who help us racing regattas, sail the Willem Jacob from A to B and occasionally help out with daytrips.

Tsjerk Hesling Hoekstra

I am skipper-owner of the Willem Jacob, the initial contact will be with me. I live aboard the Willem Jacob and I have been busy for the last couple of years to restore the ship. I have extensive experience in many fields of sailing, such as: sailing instructor, regatta sailor, crew on a Skûtsje, skipper on the flagship of the University of Groningen. It is important to me that all guests and crew experience a comfortable atmosphere aboard and I enjoy sharing my knowledge about sailing with others.


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Henny Moeller

In 2013 Henny will be the regular deckhand aboard the Willem Jacob. Henny was born in Switzerland, on a school trip she went sailing in Holland on a ship alike the Willem Jacob. At once Henny was determined to come back to Holland again and sail such a sailing vessel as crew. In 2012 she joined us aboard the Willem Jacob and luckily she liked it aboard, and decided to stay for another year. During the winter she goes to school in Enkhuizen, to the Enkhuizer School for Seafarers. Henny is enthusiastic, has a great sense for responsibility and has a catching laugh.


Sabine Hahnel

Sabine regularly sails with us as a cook since 2011. Together with her family she used to sail a lot, she missed it a lot nowadays so she decided to join our team and catch up with some sailing. Sabine is passionate about cooking and enjoys welcoming the guests with her delicious creations. As a sailor she is as steady below deck as above deck, in all weather conditions she manages to make a wonderful lunch or dinner. Whenever Sabine is not sailing, cooking or gardening, she works as a nurse at an institute for the mentally less abled.

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Rob Hoexum

Rob joined the Willem Jacob crew in 2011 as a well experienced host. When Rob is not sailing with us he sails as a skipper on de flagship of the University of Groningen. He likes to help us serving drinks and helping in the kitchen. A delicious lunch is ensured when we leave it up to Rob. Rob has graduated in chemistry at the University of Groningen.


Timo Dolfing

An enthusiastic host, a wonderful person and living with a big smile. Besides his Economic studies and his girlfriend in Amsterdam he finds a way to spend quite some time aboard the Willem Jacob. Timo usually helps out as a host, however during regattas he is an enthusiastic crewmember and during the winter he regularly helps us out with maintenance.



Maarten Bouma

Maarten sailed along with us as a deckhand for one week 4 years ago, and he was hooked! He enjoyed sailing the Willem Jacob so much that he was determined to join the crew. Maartens enthusiasm is catching and he is very friendly. Whenever he is not busy with his studies in Personnel management, he helps out aboard with almost everything. Next year he will be sailing along quite regularly as a deckhand to relieve Henny. For example during Eilandhopper, in June and July. He also helps us with catering.



Hilde van Beek

Hilde came aboard during the last Eilandhopper trip in 2009 as a guest, 2 days later she worked in the catering during Delfsail. She felt so at home aboard, that she extended her trip and decided to help out. Hilde nowadays sails along as cook during the period we sail Eilandhopper. Previously to her embarking she finished her studies as a teacher Dutch, now she has started a Theatre Studies in Amsterdam.

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