Clothing advice

Aboard, whether you are in port or sailing, mostly temperatures are a bit lower than ashore. Therefore we have set up a clothing advice:

  • Comfortable clothing, both for warmer and colder weather. Usually people wear 1 or 2 layers of clothing more than they would ashore.
  • Sailing gear or a rain suit, for the occasional rain showers.
  • Comfortable (sport)shoes
  • Sunglasses, the sun reflecting on the water can be quite intense
  • Possibly swimwear, in case you might wish to pause the trip for a swim
  • In case of exploring the tidal flats we recommend you to bring old sneakers

Additional for guests who stay overnight:

  • Towels for personal use
  • Beds are all made, taking a sleeping bag is not necessary
  • Clean towels for dishwashing and cleaning are aboard, usage in included in the rental
  • Wastewater aboard is pumped overboard, we use ecological soap, which is provided aboard and free to use. When you prefer to take your own soap, we would like to ask you to take environmentally friendly soap.